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Moms nursing their babies Nursing Mothers' Sewing List (NMSL) 

Welcome to the Nursing Mothers' Sewing List Homepage!  We hope you find this to be an entertaining and educational resource.  Many of us have found inspiration from the other moms, grandmas, and friends on the list.

The list invites anyone in a relationship with a nursing mom to join us:

  • The Nursing Mom herself
  • Her partner
  • Grandparents
  • Friends and relatives
  • Why, perhaps her older child sews too!
The list is designed for support as we work on our sewing projects for both the nursing mother and her children. We use mainly the nursing patterns from Elizabeth Lee Designs and the infant, toddler, and children's patterns from Kwik SewPatterns by other manufacturers, and even of your own design, are most definitely welcome!

Please browse our site for information and inspiration.  Join our mailing list.  And save money and relax by sewing nursing clothes.

Lisa, Angi, and Kelly
Nursing Mothers' Sewing List owners

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