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Moms nursing their babies NMSL Mailing List
To join the NMSL list,  please go to   On that page you will find instructions for subscribing.

NMSL Charter and Intro Letter


The List Owners:

Lisa McKinley
Angi Z.
Kelly S.


This list is designed to support one another in sewing projects and do sew-alongs for both the nursing mother and her children.   We will be using the majority of our nursing patterns from Elizabeth Lee Designs.   Her web site can be found at:

Any tips or hints that are figured out while sewing with Elizabeth's patterns,  tips on how you have changed her patterns,  or adapted them are welcome!

We will also be sewing some patterns from the major pattern companies.

Discussions will include,  but are not limited to:

  • Converting RTW (ready-to-wear) to nursing garments,  and adapting standard patterns to provide nursing access.   We are always open to new ideas!
  • Any sewing issues are welcome!
  • Fashion issues for moms and children (e.g.,  what to wear to that high school reunion!)
  • Issues related to babies/toddlers/children (e.g.,  potty training or regaining that "girlish" figure are also welcome!   Just be sure to put OT (off-topic)!)
We will also be making baby/toddler patterns using Kwik Sew patterns out of their master pattern books.   These can be mostly found at:  (click on books) or,  Elizabeth Lee also sells these books through her catalog.   I did not see them on her web page,  though.


We are all friends on this list,  and friends don't always talk about the same things all the time.   So,  don't expect EVERY message to be about sewing!  <vbg>

We are also open to using other patterns as well,  so please let us know if you know of any other nursing patterns you feel are worth checking out!  :-)

We would also like to let you know that the list tends to be very high volume (sometimes as many as 50+ messages a day).   If you have a problem keeping up,  we suggest you might want to try the digest for a few days and see if you like it.    In the digest form,  you will get a big e-mail message with all the messages of the day in it.   Also if you are having a problem keeping up,  some people do what is called "skim-and-delete".    If the thread does not interest you, delete it!  :-)   No one's feelings will be hurt and you will be able to stay on top of our list!    If you are a new subscriber,  you can request digest mode at the same time you subscribe to the list.    Just follow the directions in the section "Subscribing to NMSL".    If you are already a member of the list,  go to the section "NMSL Subscribers",  enter your e-mail address,  then click on "Edit Options".

FULL MAILBOXES:   If you are going to go on vacation or be gone for a few days,  please set yourself no-mail,  so that your mailbox does not fill up.   If your mailbox fills up,  your messages bounce back to me,  so not only do I have my mail,  (a lot,  let me tell you),  but I get all your bounced messages too.   If you come back and your mailbox is full or you find you are not getting NMSL mail,  it is probably because I have unsubbed you,  in order to cut down on bounced messages.   You are more than welcome to resub as soon as your mailbox is fixed.   If you are not sure if you are still subbed,  e-mail me privately and I will let you know if I had to unsub you!

Please be sure to change the subject lines to fit your posts;  that way,  people can read what interests them!   If your post is off topic from things that are listed in the charter,  be sure to put the letters: OT,  since that also helps in people being able to read what they want.   Also,  please be sure that your html code is turned off (use plain text only),  that you are using a regular size font,  and that you do not have any attachments added to your posts,  as all this really messes up the digest!

Netiquette:   When posting,  be sure to not use all caps,  as this is considered shouting.   If you want to emphasize something,  please set it off by *'s,  like this:   *This is important, please read!*

Sometimes we use shorthand that you may not understand,  especially if you are new to e-mail groups or the Internet.   For a good listing of e-mail shorthand and smiley symbols,  go to this site: 

If you cannot find an answer here,  please e-mail someone privately about this so as not to tie up the list!


NURSING MOMS' SEWING LIST is not the place to go for BREASTFEEDING help or advice.   Though,  because we are a group of breastfeeding moms,  there will be breastfeeding discussions.   And although there are La Leche Leaders,  WIC Peer Counselors,  & Lactation Consultants subscribed to this list,  it is advised that you seek breastfeeding help from your local La Leche League Group,  an area Lactation Consultant,  or meet with a WIC Peer Counselor in YOUR area. Any breastfeeding counseling done in reference to posts made to this list should only be done via PRIVATE e-mails. This will keep the help to where it is intended and not invade other people's breastfeeding knowledge or expertise (or lack thereof!)

If you are a LLLL,  LC,  or WIC Peer Counselor,  please limit your knowledge to your signature line.   That way if someone feels they would like to talk to you about BF,  they can CHOOSE to do so by e-mailing you privately.

We all love breastfeeding our little ones,  otherwise we wouldn't be interested in sewing nursing wear!   So let's just keep the breastfeeding topics to lighthearted stories or off-handed questions.

You can find La Leche League International online at
You can also find Lactation Consultants in your yellow pages or by doing a search online.
There are other parent-to-parent breastfeeding support groups out there,  if you are interested in these,  send me a private e-mail to:

To send posts to the list,  send them to:

Please send an intro to the list when you feel comfortable enough!   Also,  please send a list of the Elizabeth Lee patterns that you have,  which ones you have used,  and any Kwik Sew Master Pattern books to:   They are being collected only so that we can see what patterns everyone has for future sew-alongs.

To make any changes to your subscription status (Unsubscribe,  Digest,  NoMail,  etc.),  please go to:  

Please contact the Webmaster if there are any problems with this site.