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Moms nursing their babies NMSL History
As of Spring 2000, we have about 160 subscribers. Of those, about 1/4 are no-mail. We are generating 1 digest a day, with between 10-50 messages in it. 

A little background on the list and some of it's members: Kelly S., Karen G., and I (Lisa M.) hooked up shortly before April, 1998 through a sewing list on Quiltropolis. Kelly posted about sewing with ELD, and I e-mailed her about it.  Then she, Karen and I started talking. In May, we decided to do our first sew along: a shirt out of 108 (which I have never finished, and it is still in my UFO box!). We continued to add members to our group. At this point we were all just using the reply-to-all function of our e-mail server, and/or had everyone in our address book  By the end of June, we had 6 members.

When we got to 10 members in July, we decided that it was time to get our own list server. It took us almost a full month to decide on a name!!! There were many good suggestions, but the vote came down to two names: 

NMSL--Nursing Moms' Sewing List or 
SWANS---I cannot remember exactly what this stood for (any of you original ones remember?)
I also recall that COWS was a choice (Creating Our Wardrobes Sewing--or some such like that)!

 So, finally, around August 9, 1998, we formed the NMSL list, and got started with our list on the KJSL server. Our list grew very fast after that! We had over 50 members by the time September rolled around! We leveled off at around 75 members for quite a while, until Elizabeth posted about us in her newsletter.  Then BOOM! our list grew to over 100 members, then to over 150 members! 

On October 31, 1999, we changed over to a different mail server program on the same KJSL server, and finally had the option of having archives! YEAH! 

We sure have seen a lot! Remember when 203 and 204 were the new patterns, gals?! Love to hear from any of the *old-timers* or heck, even the *new-timers* about some of your favorite NMSL memories! I think I have to say my favorite/greatest memory of this list is the day that Elizabeth Lee herself joined our list. I felt (and still do) so honored that she would join our list! While she does not contribute much (afraid to stifle our creativity, I guess), it is so nice knowing that she is there and can answer some of the more technical questions if need be! You all...ALL OF YOU...are what makes NMSL one of the best lists around! Thank you so much for being a part of this great list!!

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