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Moms nursing their babies NMSL ELD #204 Gallery

Entry #1 This cream-colored 204 was made as my Easter dress. I made coordinating dresses for my daughters. This dress has tulip sleeves and a sweetheart neckline. I edged this dress with white piping.    (Karen G.)

Entry #2 This crinkle rayon dress is the first 204 I made. The changes I made to this dress were to add length to the bodice. It is now nearly to my waist, and I made it a longer length.   (Karen G.)

Entry #3 My 204, the first I have made, is creative in that I used the sleeves from the 207 because I like plain sleeves without gathers. Also the skirt is a slight A-line, instead of the full bias-cut skirt of the 204. The first picture is of the back of the skirt. I wanted a bit more of a body-conscious fit, because I'm broad-shouldered and have a 36DD bust. If a dress is too loose or hangs straight down from my bust, making me look bigger than I am, I prefer to fix it. Therefore, I added princess seams in the back of the bodice also, and put criss-cross lacing so that I could adjust the fit.    (Elizabeth P.)

Entry #4 I wanted a really nice dressy dress to wear out with my husband, so I chose a black panne' material. You can't see it very well in the photo, but I put sequins around the neck edge and sleeve bottoms.

Entry #5 I used a chambray to make this dress as well as a matching sling. I forgot to take a picture of the dress with the sling.

Entry #6 For this dress, I combined a small Christmas plaid with a black panne' velvet. I redrew the back bodice into three pieces so it had a center section, like the front. I made the center and the sleeves from the panne' velvet, and the sides and sash from the plaid. I made bias tape (for the very first time!) from the plaid to trim the neckline and the sleeves. On the sleeves I used the tape as a sort of "cuff". It works perfectly with a single gold button! (I plan on putting two matching gold buttons on one shoulder at the seam, but I haven't done it yet). It was fun coming up with "special" touches for this dress. I fringed the ends of the sash. I used gold metallic thread for a honeycomb decorative stitch along the bottom of the front overlay and the back center bodice section. For the bottom of the skirt, I pieced plaid and velvet rectangles together to make a patchwork border. This is the first time I have ever done any piecing, and I was so excited that it turned out so nicely.   (Kelly S.)

Entry #7 Entry #7 Entry #7 These three pictures are all of the same EL 204 dress, just different views. I had the urge to make this dress after looking at a picture of a 1950's party dress. I love the off-the-shoulder look, but unfortunately couldn't accomplish it with only 3 yards of fabric. The collar, which is fully detachable and reversible, allows the dress to be dressy or casual. View 2 shows the usual sleeveless version of 204 to which I added several small black buttons down the front. View 3 shows the same dress with the collar snapped on. The bow conveniently hides the black buttons. To add definition to the collar, I trimmed it using 1/2" black piping. To wear the dress you see in view 1, I simply unsnap the collar, move the back collar to the front, and resnap. I used a 6-8 sizing everywhere but the bodice side seams which needed to be size 10-12. I also found adding 2-1/2" to the bodice length worked well for my proportions. Since this was my first attempt at a sleeveless dress, I thriftily used 3 yards of an inexpensive black rayon print, which washed up nicely. Anxious to see how the dress fit, I used my serger to sew the seams together. This was an easy and rewarding project. I call it my 3-in-1 dress.   (Lily)

Entry #8 This dress is a plain short sleeve 204 using blue paisley linen. I really love this dress. The fit and fabric are fabulous. To fit me properly, I used the 6-8 sizing everywhere except for the bodice side seams, which needed to be size 10-12. I also found adding 2-1/2 inches to the bodice length worked well for my proportions.   (Lily)

Entry #9 I did not alter the pattern of this 204 in any way. I did however, match up the fabric, so the lines continued from the bodice to the skirt without being obvious that they join.

Entry #10 This dress is a blue-green cotton floral. It is nice because the print is so busy that wrinkles don't show. (Editor's note: it sure looks easy and discreet to nurse in this dress!)

Entry #11 The bodice is a rayon-linen fabric that looks like denim but is much softer. The skirt part is a burgundy-white check cotton that I got for $1.88/yard. I had originally made the entire dress from this but my husband said it looked like a table cloth. So, I ripped off the bodice and replaced it with the rayon-linen fabric and now the dress is perfect for me.

Entry #12 Since this is my first 204, I made it pretty straight from the pattern and did not change anything. I made it with the short sleeved version and with the skinny tie backs to pull in the fullness of the dress. I positively love this dress and will definitely make some more of this pattern! It makes me look and feel skinnier and gives me a waistline. I gotta love that!   (Sarah P.)

Entry #13 Entry #13 My dress is a soft rayon. It is very drapey. The print is a purple paisley. I made the bodice two inches longer and made the neckline one size smaller than the rest of the body.   (Karin F.)

Entry #14 This was an interesting version to do as I needed to line up the varied striping and keep the pattern's continuity. I used a blind hem stitch for hemming it for the first time. It turned out fairly well hidden, I think. I also made matching dresses for my little ones and we wore them together for Easter Sunday. This features the narrow ties and the longest length.   (Laurel)

Entry #15 The creative aspects of my dress are: 1) The center front skirt and overlay were cut as one piece eliminating the waist seam. 2) The sash comes from the edges of the CF (center front) panel and button in the back. 3) The sleeves gather at the cap and are pleated at the bottom with a single box pleat. They are also 3/4 length. Not so obvious or creative is that I raised the neckline to a more comfortable, modest (for me) level. I made the dress as small as I could without having to add any fasteners.   

Entry #16 This dress is a blue chambray with a purchased lace collar. I altered the neckline to follow the curve of the collar. I added length to the bodice (1") and I used the short sleeves from 109. The sleeve caps are pleated instead of gathered, and the bottom of the sleeve has a tuck to take in the fullness.    (Karen G.)

Entry #17 This dress is the basic 204 with short sleeves. It is made from an interlock knit in a geometric block print in jewel colors. The neckline and sleeves are finished with topstitching, the length is long, and the sides are cut in a smaller size to give a slim silhouette.   (Geri Jean)

Entry #18This dress is made from a rayon red and white mini-check. The overlay sides are straightened to be vertical (they don't curve toward the shoulder), and the overlay is pleated with deep pleats which hide the openings. The neckline has a purchased lace collar, and is finished with self bias tape. The sleeves are gently gathered at the top and have a small pleat at the hem.   (Geri Jean)

Entry #19 This sleeveless 204 is made out of a bright floral challis print. This is the first time I ever worked with challis, so I was a bit nervous. The dress turned out great, and hangs so well. This was the first time I had ever used bias tape also. I am thrilled with the way the dress turned out, and will be using this kind of material again often!   (Lisa M.)

Entry #20 This 204 is made of a lovely linen, with a delicate light blue background and a garden fresh floral print. This dress needed no alterations, and worked beautifully, with attractive serging inside to make the inside as beautiful as the out. When out in this dress, it is like a walk in the garden, and nursing can be done discretely as well as easily!

Pic #21 This is a 204 with a modified skirt. I made it with no pockets and out of only a front and back piece. Instead of full ties, I sewed small ties to the back of the dress to take in any fullness.   (Tonya)

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