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Moms nursing their babies NMSL Swap Day

The Nursing Mothers' Sewing List is currently hosting a Swap Day open to all list members, on the second Friday of each month.  Swap Day begins at 12:01 a.m. on that Friday morning and ends at 12:00 a.m. that night.

What this means is that you can not only clear your sewing space of unneeded or unused items you currently have, but you may acquire items that are much needed.

Simply make a list, or a web page, containing the items you have to part with, along with a "wish" list.  You should post this list or the link to your web page to the E-mail list, between the hours listed above. All other swap business should be conducted off-list so we donít clog it up that day with all of the posts.


*Remember the weight of the items you are swapping, and take the shipping into consideration when swapping. (We each pay our own shipping as part of the transaction.)

*Itís a good idea to include your e-mail address in your signature line during Swap Day so that others can easily reach you privately.

Items to offer for Swap would include but not be limited to: (these are simply suggestions to help inspire ideas and remind us of what we have, but have not thought to offer...)

Fabric UnFinished Objects (UFOís) Notions
Thread Sewing Books Fabric Scraps
Patterns Nursing bras RTW Nursing Clothing
Nursing-related items


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